Design & Specification

We have experience designing systems suited to a diverse range of user specifications across the entertainment, architectural and commercial industries.

We are happy to act as the project lead or as part of a larger team and have experience working with artistic designers, electrical contractors, audio-visual companies and other installers.

System control integration is one of our key specialties; we can work with Building Integrated Management systems, audio-visual controllers and network based systems to name but a few.

Overall, we aim to balance functionality, quality and performance with your budget and are happy to discuss projects of any scale.

Programming & Commissioning

Alongside supply and design of control systems, we offer meticulous programming and commissioning services with global reach.

The final stages of installation can make or break a system. We work in collaboration with lighting designers or non-technical end clients using our product knowledge to get the most out of a system. Where appropriate, we will suggest features and benefits that can enhance an existing scheme.

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Bespoke Solutions

We often work with clients on specialist projects to fulfil complex specifications. These projects have previously included software development, mobile app creation and custom hardware design.

Our in-house team approaches bespoke solutions with a high degree of technical competence and design flexibility to ensure the result is intuitive for a real world environment.

Project Consultancy

We have experience as product specialists and are often contracted by manufacturers to advise on site technicians as to the best installation practices for specialist systems. We can work to oversee projects in person, either separately or alongside commissioning roles.

Our project consultancy services can be extended to include management, preparation of official drawings, health and safety documentation and final handover documentation for all work undertaken.

Following consultancy, we can work with your existing contractors, or introduce you to our accredited partners to fulfil your requirements or take technical lead of the installation.


Prior to system hand over, we work closely with clients to formulate a training plan for the in house technical team responsible for managing the installation on a long term basis.

Our training plans are designed to impart all project specific knowledge allowing experienced technicians to operate and maintain the systems installed.

Upon client request, we can arrange for product training to be undertaken to give technicians and operators a wider knowledge of specific elements within the system.