The Giant Tree at Glastonbury

With a theme of ‘forests’ for Glastonbury Festival's, GreenPeace field, the creative team ran wild designing creative structures visible from across the site.

The most noticeable element of the field was a huge 18m rave tree constructed by Factory Settings. Once combined with our control solutions, punters could interact with the 40 Universes of Pixels within the tree to control colour and effects. This interaction, triggered by a plethora of Raspberry Pi setups, was crafted by Bailes+Light’s Barri Mason.

This setup encouraged audience participation to bring extra magic to the field. This ultimately lead to people having a higher level of engagement with the campaign.

Bailes & Light took care of the, aesthetic and functional fittings, masterminded by Ben Bailes. Whilst we provided control, infrastructure, programming and operation of all entertainment lighting.

Alongside the big looks created for the nightly DJ Sets and ambient sessions, an extensive time-coded light show titled the ‘Four Seasons Show’, was programmed by Matt Didon lasting 15 minutes and displayed the tree throughout the seasons. The show was programmed on a HedgeHog4 by ON LX’s Matt Didon and involved over 60 lighting in addition to atmospherics and snow machines provided by Snow Business.

Matt Didon added, “The SB-200’s from Snow Business were fantastic units; The instantaneous output and variable flake size allowed us to quickly create aerial effects with lighting fixtures in addition to giving a great effect when illuminated by the three RTI Femto RGB lasers at the top of the tree. Having these units was certainly beneficial as smoke or haze in such an open environment definitely provided some challenges.”

The timecoded light show was triggered by with our custom Spektrum Systems hardware which saw its debut at Glastonbury. Providing rock solid performance, the two Spektrum machines balanced workload handling pixel mapping, show playback and audio output independently. The pixel mapping was programmed by ON LX's James Walton using ENTTEC’s ELM software. Once setup, the system interacted with the main lighting system and remote triggers allowing for intuitive control.

ON LX’s James Walton adds: “A massive thank-you to the guys on the Greenpeace build crew for the invaluable contribution and to ENTTEC, Snow Business International Ltd, Dry Hire Lighting, SGM, White Light and AC Lasers for the support given over the duration of the project”.