Rebirth of the Rave Tree

For the 4th time running we were back at Worthy Farm for Glastonbury Festival 2019 breathing life into the updated rave tree.
We provided networking, data, video control and LED Mapping for the 1000’s of LED’s used to bring the Greenpeace Field and Stage to life.

Our new in house software Ctrl acted as the core the system allowed the production team to control lighting, visual content and select video sources for daytime acts through custom interfaces on mobile and tablet devices, with no lighting or video knowledge. In the evenings the system seamlessly switched over to allow full control by operators on lighting consoles and touring VJ’s with external video inputs.

Alongside the interfaces providing a control method for the system, Ctrl also acted as a live dashboard for the current state of the stage.
This allowed for all connecting users to quickly view information with all changes automatically syncing across the system.

This user-friendly system allowed for updates to be made quickly and easily without taking the system offline. It also provided real time reporting allowing for maintenance to be administered remotely and ensuring the system ran for the duration of the festival without missing a beat.

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